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What We Do 

BEE & NEST REMOVAL - We specialize in bee and nest removal, performing live honey bee removal whenever possible. Under certain conditions a bee colony may be relocated into a managed hive and re-queened to ensure a safe and productive future for the bees and the people who rely on them for their beneficial services.

When the bees cannot be taken alive or have become a public hazard, we are licensed and certified with specific training from the FL Dept. of Agriculture in managing Africanized Honey Bees and emergency situations.

Live Bee Swarm Removal In Tree

Large Bee Nest (Comb) In Wall of Building

When bees nest in structures, we stress the importance of removing all the comb and sealing or "proofing" the area to avoid re-infestations. Bees can number in the tens of thousands in a short time. They can build a substantial size nest of wax comb in an attic or wall of a home where they raise their brood and store honey, a strong attractant for other unwanted pests and more bees. In the bees absence, the honeycomb can melt and it's contents spoil, creating an unsanitary mess that can seep through walls and ceilings resulting in foul odors and costly repairs.

We have experienced nest removal in:






Meter Boxes

Under Sheds & Mobile Homes

Owl Boxes



Almost Anywhere A Bee Calls Home

University of Florida trained and Emergency Sting Treatment Certified



We Also Provide Residential & Commercial Services For:

   * Wasps/Hornets * Yellow Jackets * And More...



**Honey & Beeswax Products Currently Unavailable**

LOCAL HONEY & BEESWAX PRODUCTS AVAILABLE - The honeybee,with remarkable precision, brings you the fruit of it's labor of love.Taste and bee delighted!

We locally produce and bottle honey for sale. Our area produces honey from the orange blossom, saw palmetto, gallberry bush, cabbage palm, brazilian pepper tree, and many other wild flowers. Orange blossom honey is unique and a favorite for its taste and fragrance. Honey from the Saw palmetto can be beneficial to men for prostate health. All local honey, especially wildflower, which can contain any of the above pollens and more, has proven results when taken to combat local pollen allergies. In order to preserve beneficial enzymes and flavor, our honey is not pasteurized. It is extracted from the comb and strained for clarity only. Space Coast Bees honey is available in 1 lb. and 2 lb. plastic squeeze bottles & 5 lb jugs. Please see our Honey & Beeswax page or call for pricing and availability. Handcrafted beeswax candles, soaps and lip balm as well as "Gifts From the Hive" gift basket arrangements also available by phone or email order. **

Honey, Candles & Soap

**All products above are currently unavailable, we apologize for any inconvenience. 

Thank you for your patronage

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