SPACE COAST BEE SERVICES, Inc. - Bee Removal, Local Honey & Pest Services

1 lb. honey 1 lb. Honey
2 lb. honey 2 lb. Honey
5 lb. honey  5 lb. Honey
 8 oz. Beeswax bar
100% natural beeswax (filtered yellow)

Great gift ideas:

1 lb. honey in decorative jute gift bag 1 lb.  Honey
 (Jute gift bag)
 Blossom Bee
 6 oz. Honey 
6 oz. honey in faceted glass jar w/dipper & bee accent (Faceted glass jar
Decorative glycerin and honey soap bar3 oz. Lavender or Honey Almond scent infused glycerin beeswax soap bar. Contains 10% Honey.
Honey bookletWoodland Publishing-HONEY. Paperback booklet on health benefits & natural treatments of raw honey (40 pages)

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